What is the narrative we carry around?

What do we see when we look?

Do you see the situation the same way others around you do?

Can you learn how others see it, from different perspectives?

How can we be empathetic?

When you are among others, what box are you in?
What box are they in?
Do you know you are in a box?
Do you know they are in a box?

Are you open to the possibility that your view may not be clear?

How do you know you see the situation the same as they?

What questions could you ask the others who are in their different boxes?

Could you learn?

How do you see yourself in the future?

Turn on the lights, open the shade. Get the view as bright as you can and look.

Could you take the first step today that gets you closer to what you just saw?

Why not?

Why, are you worried about being rejected?

Because of others?
These people don’t know you. They do not know what box you are in.
They are in their own place, dealing with their own box.

Are you not doing it, just because you think people won’t like what you are doing?

Or won’t like you?
Do not focus on what they will think.
Let them decide for themselves. You have no control over them anyway.

Worry about your own current path on your journey.

Because if you don’t, no one will. (Most people won’t even go on their own path on their own journey alone. So, don’t depend on them to give you the go ahead to go on yours.)

Be ready, and ok with going down the road that MOST people don’t want to.

Yes, it will be hard.
So, ask yourself: why are you willing to devote the time, to do the homework, to work through projects, to keep up with the lessons, to get direct feedback, to work with the hard stuff?

If your gut burns with anticipation and your vision tells you to persevere, then what is stopping you?

Go ahead: Take action.

(p.s., Starting is easy. Execution is hard. And getting to the finish line is almost impossible. So, be sure you are ready to train for the ultra-marathon.)

Not everyone crosses that finish line: but everyone who tries to has their own race story to tell. What will yours be?



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The WayFounder


Sharing the map & tools I’ve used while navigating the startup maze since 2008. Now I’m a Brand Education Strategist for emerging businesses. KT Goldthorpe